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Shakesville has a post about how the work of green living is divided on gender lines. Not surprisingly, women tend to get the dull labor and men get the gadgets. I wish I could find the academic paper posted on this subject last year, but alas, my Google-fu is weak.

And hey, why not meme.
What is one thing you have done in the past year to lessen your negative impact on the environment or to improve the environment?

I bus to work most days. However, I want to point out that busing was only cost-efficient for me because I get the significant discount from school. Last year, the time-savings of driving almost overcame my urge to commute responsibly. Now that gas is heading for $4/gallon, it budgets differently.

I also do the household recycling, and now that I live close to a Goodwill, I try to put things out for reuse rather than trashing them. And I sneakily weaned [ profile] gxdm off sandwich bags. :')

What is one thing you vow to do in the the next year for the environment?

Use my bike, now that I have a cool, functional one. And if the time/cost tradeoff works out, I want to buy more local produce.


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