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Cat and Girl describes my love-hate relationship with The Current in nine short panels.

New things!

Shadow Unit, an online serial drama brought to you by Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette & Will Shetterly.

Skin Horse, which is, if you've somehow managed to miss it, a new daily strip by [ profile] shaenon and [ profile] chanlemur.

Free thing! My parents decided to give me an Irving Berlin Christmas package this year--which is great, except that we'd picked up White Christmas already. Would anyone like to trade a different DVD for an unopened copy of the current edition of the film? (Yes, it has to be a movie I actually like.)

(An editorial note: Holy crap! It's possible to buy A Snow White Christmas" on DVD. I found my old tape of this 1980 Christmas special and figured that it was the last remnant of a justly-vanished phenomenon. Wow.)

(Another editorial: Mark Edwards can kiss my hysterical girly ass.)

I was avoiding the Ugg boots craze because I think people wearing moon boots in the office are silly (oh, and because popular things make my teeth itch), but then I saw the most awesome pair of boots ever. They looked a bit like this, but the sole was less chunky and the suede was printed in a very, very subtle sage-on-sage plaid. So cute! It's good that I can't find them online, because I would be tempted to buy.

Why yes, it's morning, I'm tired, and I'm avoiding work.


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