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Yesterday was Nordskogen's Twelfth Night. My ruminations lie behind the cut. )
Overall, it was a grand event and relatively easy on the autocrats. The upheaval with the feast-turned-lunch gave us a lot more time for actual activities. I don't think there were too many problems with last-minute staff turnover, at least not from the attendees' perspectives. And, as always, things were a success because the event staff rocked. [ profile] saraidh let me stick around even though school ate the half of my brain that isn't shared with her. [ profile] lupine_project did a kickass job of site setup and tear down, and I appreciate his trust in us not to make the job impossible. (And wow, did we have dedicated volunteers for cleanup!) Malcolm was very shadowlike in always appearing when we needed him. [ profile] valkyr8 fed the starving hordes, and damn, was that Kransekake delicious! Katriona fed the autocrats on top of wrangling merchants in tight spaces. And... and... lots of people did lots of stuff to make things go well. Lots of them. Things are getting blurry now.

As usual, I spent the day after the event being irritable and unfocused. Good thing I planned for that. Mom sent me home with cocoa and marshmallows and toys and a bowl of magenta "moon sand," plus a fidget project that I can't start without a punchneedle. I put away Christmas decorations, which is exactly the kind of mindless fidgetry I needed. I didn't expect today to be equally unfocused, but it was. And then the slippery roads slowed down my remaining event errands, which means I have yet to do a damn thing on my thesis.

But hey, I wrote an event report, right?


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