Jul. 17th, 2010 04:46 pm
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Winners of the Miller & Lee Expanding Universe contest have been announced, and I recognize at least one name on there...
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In celebration of the publication of Mouse and Dragon, the thirteenth novel set in their Liaden Universe®, authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are holding an Expanding Universe Contest! They are giving away 36 e-book copies of The Dragon Variation, a compendium of three core titles in the Liaden Universe, at Miller & Lee's Expanding Universe Contest.

The contest is open to anyone who has NEVER read a Liaden Universe novel. I know that many of you readers have read them, but if you haven't...well, these are the books whose pages I swear are soaked in crack, because I can't stop reading them. And it's not just me: at least four people to whom I loaned them report reading until the wee hours because they can't stop. [livejournal.com profile] saraidh, the pusher, can probably confirm more.

So click over, sign up, and maybe you'll get a fantastic free book.

If you've already read them, I'd like to note that the dead-tree version of The Dragon Variation costs only $12 and has drastically better production values than the Meisha Merlin compendiums.
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If, like me, you find the prospect of this week's inevitable avalanche of frothing election coverage dismaying, you could program your browser to redirect everything to Bouphonia's Friday Hope Blogging archive. Or to I Can Has Cheezburger. Or both, at random.

Suggestions of positive, election-free online reading welcome.
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Timing, she is everything.
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Down by the airport, Northwest Airlines put up a billboard. Their motto is apparently "We bring you home." The picture shows the silhouettes of a parent and child, a ball in mid-air, and an airplane.

I'm not thinking of coming home. I'm thinking of five spots of paint on a garage wall. There are obviously not enough geeks at Northwest.


May. 29th, 2008 09:26 am
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Someone at my office is collecting books for Operation Paperback. Many of them are requesting fantasy and sci-fi books (including series fiction like Dungeons & Dragons), mysteries, military fiction and history, Stephen King, thrillers, true crime, and "women's fiction," which I assume to mean things like Toni Morrison and Amy Tan. There are also a few requests for non-fiction, especially military history, biographies, self-help, and books on women in the military.

If anybody wants to unload some books, let me know and we'll coordinate.
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This morning's PSA is an "eff-you haiku":

don't you just hate it
when people don't hate themselves
like you want them to?
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I score a -11, but it becomes a -16 if you choose to interpret "Doesn't like children" as "Uninterested in making her own." I don't think that purple nailpolish is any better than red, either. And I'm curious about how one manages to be properly dressed for breakfast (assumed to include hair and makeup) in the 1930s without wearing curlers to bed.

via Punkass Blog.

UPDATE: You can take the entire test for wives AND husbands!
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I am damn lucky to know the people I do.

Case in point: Fresca
"Body-image advice for American women often sounds like advice to colonized people on how to assimilate better into the master culture: 
work harder to please, and you will be rewarded.

"And so we will, but it will take our valuable energy, and it will not be on our terms. That is a recipe for domestication, not liberation."

Sure, I could get thinner. I could put some thought into my wardrobe and get up an hour earlier to do hair and makeup. I could have an image. But those are hours of exercise and food obsession and wage-earning that I could use for something I feel is vitally important. Energy I could put into something that makes me feel good and productive, rather than helpless and ugly. Something that might make a difference in the long run.

* * * * *

An unrelated note via Making Light: Gin, Television, and Social Surplus, because I have the feeling it will feed my thesis somehow.
We're going to look at every place that a reader or a listener or a viewer or a user has been locked out, has been served up passive or a fixed or a canned experience, and ask ourselves, "If we carve out a little bit of the cognitive surplus and deploy it here, could we make a good thing happen?" And I'm betting the answer is yes.
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Shakesville has a post about how the work of green living is divided on gender lines. Not surprisingly, women tend to get the dull labor and men get the gadgets. I wish I could find the academic paper posted on this subject last year, but alas, my Google-fu is weak.

And hey, why not meme.
What is one thing you have done in the past year to lessen your negative impact on the environment or to improve the environment?

I bus to work most days. However, I want to point out that busing was only cost-efficient for me because I get the significant discount from school. Last year, the time-savings of driving almost overcame my urge to commute responsibly. Now that gas is heading for $4/gallon, it budgets differently.

I also do the household recycling, and now that I live close to a Goodwill, I try to put things out for reuse rather than trashing them. And I sneakily weaned [livejournal.com profile] gxdm off sandwich bags. :')

What is one thing you vow to do in the the next year for the environment?

Use my bike, now that I have a cool, functional one. And if the time/cost tradeoff works out, I want to buy more local produce.
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Desi Productions is hosting a Holi party on Saturday. (Be warned, the website has sound, and it works terribly for me.) There's an article in the Strib somewhere too. Have I mentioned how bloody annoying it is not to have Helvetica on my system? I can't read the freaking news.

Holi is an Indian festival of hope and renewal--you know, springy things! It's popular in Bollywood movies because of the tradition of the "play of colors": throwing colored powder and water at each other. You can see fun music videos here, here, here, and here.
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Good grief. The cross stitch project I haven't touched in *five years* is calling to me from across the room. I mean, before I could work on it, I would have to move it to a completely different frame and completely refinish the raw edges of the fabric.

...which would be good, because I'm too smart now to finish with masking tape, and I'd probably have to trim the sticky bits off to put it on the floor stand and...

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In flagrant avoidance of actual work, I just went to Reduce.org and unsubscribed myself from several junk mail sources, including credit and insurance offers and coupon circulars. Now you can too!
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Quote of the day, from Miss Conduct's Blog:
I've noticed that whenever I suggest treating fat people with courtesy, I get criticism for it--even hate mail. (The other two groups that this is true of are smokers and Muslims.) People really, truly believe that it is not only acceptable, but right to treat fat people with disdain. I'm sad to say that I've been inculcated with enough societal garbage that I occasionally hate my own body--but as a thin (white, able-bodied, etc.) person I cannot fathom what it must be like to have others take it upon themselves to hate my body for me. As I've said before, if you think fat people have no self-discipline, consider the fact that they haven't killed you yet.
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This amuses me far more than I should admit. It is going on my fridge.

O Hai Just FYI

teh cookiez
i eated them
they was there
in ur kitchin

teh onez
u mebbe wanted
fur snackz

Very srry
they was delishus
srsly sweet
and so omnomnom.

(My title is from the comments.


Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:58 pm
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I wanted Heath Ledger to be the Robert Redford of my generation, not the James Dean.

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Yesterday was Nordskogen's Twelfth Night. My ruminations lie behind the cut. )
Overall, it was a grand event and relatively easy on the autocrats. The upheaval with the feast-turned-lunch gave us a lot more time for actual activities. I don't think there were too many problems with last-minute staff turnover, at least not from the attendees' perspectives. And, as always, things were a success because the event staff rocked. [livejournal.com profile] saraidh let me stick around even though school ate the half of my brain that isn't shared with her. [livejournal.com profile] lupine_project did a kickass job of site setup and tear down, and I appreciate his trust in us not to make the job impossible. (And wow, did we have dedicated volunteers for cleanup!) Malcolm was very shadowlike in always appearing when we needed him. [livejournal.com profile] valkyr8 fed the starving hordes, and damn, was that Kransekake delicious! Katriona fed the autocrats on top of wrangling merchants in tight spaces. And... and... lots of people did lots of stuff to make things go well. Lots of them. Things are getting blurry now.

As usual, I spent the day after the event being irritable and unfocused. Good thing I planned for that. Mom sent me home with cocoa and marshmallows and toys and a bowl of magenta "moon sand," plus a fidget project that I can't start without a punchneedle. I put away Christmas decorations, which is exactly the kind of mindless fidgetry I needed. I didn't expect today to be equally unfocused, but it was. And then the slippery roads slowed down my remaining event errands, which means I have yet to do a damn thing on my thesis.

But hey, I wrote an event report, right?
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Cat and Girl describes my love-hate relationship with The Current in nine short panels.

New things!

Shadow Unit, an online serial drama brought to you by Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette & Will Shetterly.

Skin Horse, which is, if you've somehow managed to miss it, a new daily strip by [livejournal.com profile] shaenon and [livejournal.com profile] chanlemur.

Free thing! My parents decided to give me an Irving Berlin Christmas package this year--which is great, except that we'd picked up White Christmas already. Would anyone like to trade a different DVD for an unopened copy of the current edition of the film? (Yes, it has to be a movie I actually like.)

(An editorial note: Holy crap! It's possible to buy A Snow White Christmas" on DVD. I found my old tape of this 1980 Christmas special and figured that it was the last remnant of a justly-vanished phenomenon. Wow.)

(Another editorial: Mark Edwards can kiss my hysterical girly ass.)

I was avoiding the Ugg boots craze because I think people wearing moon boots in the office are silly (oh, and because popular things make my teeth itch), but then I saw the most awesome pair of boots ever. They looked a bit like this, but the sole was less chunky and the suede was printed in a very, very subtle sage-on-sage plaid. So cute! It's good that I can't find them online, because I would be tempted to buy.

Why yes, it's morning, I'm tired, and I'm avoiding work.
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Useful advice from today's thesis readings:

"Learn to respect time, and your life. When I use the term budgeting I mean nothing cold and automatic. I mean develop self-discipline. Respect what you are doing, learn to recognize the importance of things, and the budgeting will pretty well take care of itself. A good night's sleep usually helps. This respect and recognition will lead you, with some luck, to the right choices.... Respecting the whole work will enable you to make distinctions, say, as between poet and poetaster....Soon, miracle of miracles, you will be recognizing your mistakes, in judgment, in intentions, before you make them, and start teaching yourself." --Felix Stefanile, "A Revolution of Twerps"


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